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I think I have led an interesting and varied life! I spent my school days boarding at a prestigious establishment in Ashtead Surrey; I would rather have stayed at home and gone to a local school but it was not to be.  Leaving school I was completely undecided as to what I wanted to do with my life, even to this day I cannot for the life of me understand how or why I ended up at Croydon College on a Catering course learning about Housekeeping, Hotel Management and how to cook a delicious Coq-au-Vin. I hasten to add I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

I left college and joined the BBC at Television Centre Londonas a commis chef.It was an exciting moment visiting the BBC club for the first time and star spotting. I recollect we always used to go on a Thursday night (amongst others!) as it was TOTP (Top of the Pops) so used to see a collection of the latest stars relaxing with drinks in hand. Many a splendid night was spent sipping gin and tonics with A and J listers!

I spent three years at the Beeb and had a thoroughly good time sharing a house in London with my caterer good friend Geoff, a cameraman and three young ladies who all worked at the Beeb as well. One of the girls went on to marry Tony Hadley lead singer, with Spandau Ballet.

From the Beeb I jetted of to the Middle East to work for an American company looking after a group of ex-military Americans on a missile base in a place called Bushehr right on the sea in the Persian gulf. I was very young and it was far from home and I loved it! Tax free money, home every four months it was exciting, well it was to begin with anyway! It was 1978-79 the western supported Shar was in power but things were soon to change. I was on the last plane that left Tehran airport, having walked through a reported million Iranians chanting anti-American slogans, hairy times to say the least! I also spent some time in Jordan and Kuwait which further developed my outlook on the world at large.

I spent the next thirty years in Food sales and marketing with the last twenty as commercial Director of various food manufacturers. There are so many stories to tell I would be writing this for the next twelve months! Suffice to say I had an extremely interesting and varied time!

I have travelled to many countries from Russia to America to Denmark to Albania to Puerto Rico and a lot more besides.

My brother Bill a very well-known crime Author wrote his first novel around the beginning of 2014. I was gob smacked and just wowed thinking it was a major achievement, which of course it was. I then wondered if I could write something and started on Bermondsey Trifle (still love the name.) that was published in June 2014 and as the saying goes the rest is history. Bermondsey Prosecco and Bermondsey The Final Act completed the trilogy and all three books spent months in the Amazon top 100 best sellers list in kindle crime.

My next book saw the police detective Karen Foster getting a promotion and moving from the Met in Bermondsey to Surrey Police in Epsom. Serial Killer was published in February 2015 followed by the second Karen Foster book Blue Cover,Up in May 2015. At the time of writing, both books have been well received and are in the Amazon best sellers kindle crime list. I am currently working on my next crime book which is called Driven to kill and I shall say no more about that, at the moment.

I am now almost a full time writer; I still do a little Sales and Marketing on a consultant basis but keep it to a minimum so as not to interfere too much with my writing.

What are my other interests? Wine, Food, The Forces, Reading, WBA and my big family. Yes, I’m married to Helen, live in Epsom and have loads of kids.

I would like to thank everybody who has supported the books and long may you continue to do so. I have a fantastic following of fans and they mean the world to me; you know who you are and I salute you all!

Kind Regards,

Chris XX


Colours:    Red, Blue and Yellow.

Car:  Mercedes

Book:  What! Has to be “Blue Cover up”

Film:  OMG SO many! “Dances with Wolves” “Kingdom of Heaven” “Spartacus”

Politician:   That is impossible to answer!

Holiday:   Rhodes, USA

Interesting Country visited:  Russia

Sport:  Football and Rugby

Teams:  WBA, Millwall and the England Rugby team.

Stadium:   The Hawthorns

Food:  Classic French and a good full English breakfast!

Drink:  Any Wine! San Miguel

Actor:   Daniel Craig

Actress:  Sienna Miller        

Authors:  Conn Iggulden, Simon Scarrow, Anthony Riches, Bill Ward

TV Programs:  Yes Minister, Faulty Towers,

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