Hi, Welcome back to the Author Website news, things have moved on since we last spoke so here goes.

The mailing list is steadily building but I can see its going to be a long job! Of the many thousands who have supported the books, too date we have 120 on the list. It may be a bit slow but I’m happy, its 120 we didn’t have before! Keep joining……

Other very exciting news is the publication of two new books! “Return to Bermondsey” the forth in the Bermondsey series. Available from Amazon in Paperback and ebook versions http://tinyurl.com/jtmfec6 As soon as I started I felt so at home! It’s great to be back with Paul and Lexi, Duke and some of the other characters. The book is selling very well and most of the reviews are 5* I’m saying no more except that I hope you like it!

The second book just published is “OMG JOE WARREN” something I did for fun, it’s a Sci-Fi and Fantasy action adventure. Very different to my usual very adult thrillers! Check it out at http://tinyurl.com/jtkcusp

I’m getting more and more messages to the website from readers which is great, and thank goodness there all positive! While I remember if you read one of the books and enjoy it please share that by writing a review on Amazon, I would really appreciate it.

What’s up next? I’ve nearly finished my latest book which is an MI5 Terrorist thriller, very current and a real gritty read, it’s called “The Hunt” should be publishing about mid-August depending on how busy my editor is.

That’s it for the time being got to get back to finishing “The Hunt”

Kind Regards to all and best wishes xx