“Joe Warren, a spotty faced sixteen year old British college student, is thrown into the most extraordinarily dangerous situation and comes out of it as a hero to his friends and eventually to the whole human race. Joe is the chosen one to spearhead change on planet earth. The world’s youth are prepared to unite with him in his crusade to help the homeless, feed the hungry and stop wars. Before the youth can affect this dramatic change, the ultimate evil Satan has decreed his time has come, and he battles to take control and destroy the human race once and for all. Joe travels the globe meeting with Presidents and Prime Ministers as he tries to convince them of the coming devilish black Kazdet hoards, who are hell bent on killing every human being on planet earth. The formidable machine soldiers of the Kazdet armies strike at countries all over the world as the human race fight for its very survival. Satan has one particular enemy he is desperate to kill and that is Joe Warren.
A fast-paced action packed story full of awe-inspiring characters and moments of remarkable humour. Can Joe Warren and his gang save planet earth?”